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Debbie Edwards

Visited by an angel - a life changing experience

I have known Debbie for many years and remember her sharing this experience with me shortly after it happened, although she has told me that she hasn't shared it with a lot of people. She lives with her husband in the Wirral. For personal reasons Debbie has asked me to change her surname.

Here is an account of when God was very gracious to me. To this day I am amazed that I was chosen to be visited by an angel.

I was woken in the early hours by an awareness that someone was standing at the bedside. Surprisingly, although generally a nervous person, I was not in the least bit afraid. There seemed to be a calmness with this person.

My first impression was the height and stature, also the fact that it was impossible to tell if this person was male or female.

The angel, as I am convinced he was, was so tall that he could not stand upright but had his head bent forward slightly to fit under the ceiling.

He had very broad shoulders and a thick muscled neck. His face was masculine and muscular, but the mouth was very small and dainty.

The hair was the colour of sand, about shoulder length. There was a round edged gold band showing going around his forehead and into his hair, looking like it kept the hair out of his eyes.

My first irrational thought was ''This must be why angels are always portrayed as having a halo!'

The garment was an unearthly fabric, again the colour of sand, but appeared almost liquid in its movement, like a very fine silk. This came down like a long robe from the shoulders, with a matching round edged gold band around the waist.

I was fascinated by the thick muscular structures coming from the top of the shoulder/ neck junction. These were about 2 inches thick, and seemed to start at the back of the neck and curve upwards then down. They were covered in what appeared to be fish scales, which glistened slightly. These had dirt and dust stuck along the ridges, which resembled the pattern of feathers. I remember thinking 'He has had to fly through some mucky places to get here'

As he stood there with hands held forward, palms uppermost, he communicated without speaking, so I was knowing in my mind,'' Only Jesus, only Jesus''

This all happened so quickly, but as with many things it felt in slow motion. As I woke my husband, the angel disappeared.

Two days later, I was taken very ill and had a respiratory arrest due to asthma.

I remembered 'Only Jesus' and knew a great peace without fear. In that near death span of time in the ambulance, I knew I was about to meet Him, but asked if He would allow me to stay because I didn't want my husband and two young sons to be greeted at the hospital by the worst news

I remember distinctly then taking a deep breath which caused the paramedics to swear and tell me not to do that again!

I was greeted at A and E by my anxious husband and sons, where I was admitted to hospital, and made a full recovery.

God is so very good, always. I am humbled by the experience and realise that God cares for each of us, even if we do not consider ourselves to be in the Christian elite.

Pat Knowles

Pat Knowles

An angelic testimony

Pat Knowles lives in Wallasey with her husband Dennis. She told me about this testimony a while ago so I asked her if she was prepared to share it for this website/booklet, which she agreed to.

I was working in Birkenhead some years ago. At lunchtime I decided to go and do some last minute Christmas shopping as it was about a week before Christmas. There was a very busy one-way street, which I had to cross to get to the shops, and I checked very carefully to my right before starting to cross, as this was the only way the traffic was supposed to come from. I was just about to step into the road when a hand grabbed me quite roughly from behind and dragged me back. I turned round quite indignantly, wondering who was manhandling me like that. It was a man in an ordinary suit, he didn't say anything, just pointed towards the left. To my horror, there was a huge lorry bearing down, just feet away, going down the one-way street the wrong way, I turned back to the man to thank him, but there was no sign of him, there was no way he could have just disappeared in the seconds it had taken me to look to the left, see the lorry and look back again. Had I stepped onto the road, the lorry would have hit me, and, would I think, have killed me stone dead, he couldn't have stopped as he was doing quite a speed, and I just wouldn't have seen him, and even if I had, it would have been too late. The only explanation I can give for this is that the man was an angel, because he just couldn't have disappeared as we were in quite a large open space, and it would have taken him ages to go out of my sight.

Glyn & Jan Williams

Glynn & Jan Williams (on the left)

Two short testimonies of God's protection

Glyn & Jan Williams live in Higher Bebington in the Wirral, not far from where I live. I have known them for about 28 years and have also worked with Jan for a number of years.

About 20 years ago Glyn & Jan went shopping in New Ferry on a Saturday morning. As Glyn went into a DIY shop, Jan, wishing to cross over to the other side of the road went to the Zebra Crossing and having checked that both sides were clear, proceeded to cross over. As she got part way across something really extraordinary happened which she cannot explain. In a split second of time she found herself about 100 yards further down the road on the opposite side by the Post Office. She was standing in the recess in the road where the buses pull in and found herself looking at the radiator grill of a Crosville bus. The driver was sitting in the bus with his face completely expressionless as though nothing had happened. A lady who was passing by then said to her "you were lucky" with no further remark and then moved on. Nobody else made any comment. The other puzzling thing was that there hadn't been any shrieking of brakes or any form of commotion. When she asked Glyn afterwards, who had been further down the road, if he had heard anything, he said that he hadn't done.

To this day Jan cannot understand what had happened, but she does feel that in some way that God's hand of protection was upon her that day.

On another occasion Jan was having a time of prayer at home when she suddenly had a vision of Glyn being involved in a serious accident on the Clatterbridge Roundabout, off the M53 Motorway. She had a great fear that he had been killed in the accident that she saw in her vision and she cried out to God to undertake for him that day. When he came home later that day she was very relieved to see that he was okay, but was somewhat puzzled as to the fact that he hadn't been involved in any incident on the way home, so she didn't mention to him what had happened. About 6 months later Glyn came home one day, very shaken and said to Jan when he came into the house, "you will never guess what happened to me on the way home". She told him that she knew exactly what had happened and that God had shown her about it 6 months earlier. It was as she had seen in her vision. When Glyn had come off the M53 Motorway onto the slipway that leads to the Clatterbridge Roundabout it came into his mind about the possibility of a car coming from his right at a speed too fast to stop, so he proceeded with caution. When he got part way around the roundabout, that is exactly what happened. He could see behind him in his mirror a car travelling at such a speed that unless he took evasive action it would result in a serious accident, so instead of continuing around the roundabout he went down the slip road back on to the M53 Motorway instead. This saved him from a serious accident because the car sped past him at a fast speed and crashed into the fence on the same slip road, narrowly missing him.

Jan believes that this was further evidence of God's protection and that he had prompted her to cry out to him 6 months earlier to protect her husband from serious injury on that day.

Trevor Harris

A test of obedience

I heard of the following testimony at Charles Thompson Mission in Birkenhead when Pastor Rob Jeffs was preaching in 2010. I subsequently met Rob at the Mission the following February to further check on the details of this incident, so have given what has been told to me as follows. Unfortunately with this incident being so long ago not all the details relating to this testimony are known, or ascertainable:

Trevor Harris worked for some time with the Open Air Mission in Liverpool, and lived in one of the roads off Town Lane in Bebington. One afternoon, when it was raining very hard he decided to go to the shops at the top of Town Lane to do some shopping. When he got to the end of his road, which was opposite Bebington Cemetery, he felt the Lord saying to him that he should preach the Gospel. As it was raining so hard he really couldn't make any sense of what he felt the Lord was saying to him, since there was nobody around and he questioned what the Lord was asking him to do. But the inner voice within him didn't go away so in obedience to the Lord he stood on the corner of the road and preached the Gospel, and then committed it to the Lord. He then went on and did his shopping and thought no more about the matter. About two weeks later he attended a local church, possibly to speak, and after the meeting a young man came up to him and asked him if he had been preaching the Gospel two weeks earlier on the corner of Town Lane near the Cemetery. He replied that he had done so, so the young man then proceeded to tell him his story. On that afternoon, he had been sheltering under the trees in the Cemetery because of the heavy rain. Rob thinks that he had possibly been taking a short cut from the Bebington Oval Sports Ground nearby. Because of the high wall on the perimeter of the Cemetery Trevor would not have been able to see him. When the young man heard Trevor give the Gospel appeal he was convicted of sin and committed his life to Christ that afternoon. He then found a local church to attend and told them what had happened. They apparently guessed from what he had told them that the only person that it could have been was Trevor Harris. The young man, therefore, came to Trevor after that meeting and shared with him that as a result of him preaching the Gospel that afternoon he had been saved and committed his life to Christ, no doubt encouraging Trevor greatly.

I hope that this testimony is an encouragement to each one of us that when God asks us to do something that doesn't seem to make any sense, that we should just trust Him and not seek to lean on our own understanding, as Trevor Harris did that afternoon (Proverbs 3:5).

Waterside Church

Waterside Church

The following testimony has been given to me by Richard Woods, the pastor of Waterside Church in Everton, which is the church that Dorothy and I attend. He cannot remember the exact date when it happened but says that it was about 8/9 years ago.

The Scriptures say in Romans 15:5 that God is the God of steadfastness and encouragement and sometime around 2002/3 the congregation at Waterside Church in Everton had been praying specifically that God would encourage them at that time. The way that he answered that prayer was to do something very unusual which brought to them a blessing and encouragement that would remain with them for sometime.

At this time, on a Sunday morning a most unusual sight greeted the members of the church. It was of a large family coming from Breck Road into the car park and towards the door of the church building. What was unusual was that the family was walking in a single line behind each other. When they came into the church the man and woman introduced themselves and each of their 8 children, all of them having Biblical names. Richard said that the family was unlike anything he had ever seen before, and finds it difficult to describe what he encountered that day. He said that everything about them was so pure and holy and that there was a look of total innocence in each of the children's faces. A row of chairs was put out in the church so that he family could be together during the meeting. They didn't say very much and during the meeting the children were wonderfully behaved, so much so that you wouldn't have known that they were there.

The family left shortly after the meeting had finished and proceeded again in a single file out through the car park and then turned right into Breck Road and continued walking in a single file. Their presence in the meeting had left a wonderful sense of God's presence in the church and they all knew that something very special had happened to them that day, and they all felt encouraged and refreshed.

The congregation at Waterside Church believe that God had sent his angels to them that Sunday morning in order to specifically encourage them in answer to their prayers and this is something that they still talk about today.