Sarah Spackman
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Sarah Spackman

Sarah Spackman

Sarah Spackman has experienced God's healing power on a number of occasions in her life, most notably in 1962 when God wonderfully healed her of cancer. She had been given only 3 months to live but that with surgery she would be able to extend that to as much as 2 years. Her wonderful testimony of healing is written in a book entitled 'Sarah's Story'. Sarah's latest testimony of healing has been written in a tract form and she has given me permission to reprint this, which is given as follows:

" Since the book 'Sarah's Story' was written, many friends have asked me, 'Why don't you write a sequel on the last twenty years of so?'

Well, I feel a tract is sufficient. I could recall to you many more miracles of His Abundant Grace. The latest act of Mercy needs to be told.

I had booked a flight to the USA for the 29th December 2004 and I said to the Lord, 'I need a fresh testimony to take with me.' He gave me one…..

Tuesday 14th December 2004

Just before my 82nd birthday, I was staying at my daughter's house. Quite unexpectedly I had a heart failure. I thought I was going home to Glory; I cried out to my God, 'My children are not ready for this!!' My son-in-law quickly called my daughter at her work. Christine was home within five minutes. After taking one look at me, she called an ambulance. The Paramedics advised me to get straight to hospital.

On arrival at the hospital, I was surprised that there was no wait, but I was tended to immediately. I was put on the heart monitor and once the reading came through it showed an abnormal heartbeat, and extremely low oxygen count, and deficiency in potassium. It was decided that I had to be moved to the resuscitation unit - the Doctors anticipated a massive heart attack.

By this time, all I felt was a deep peace and no pain at all. The staff couldn't believe this as the monitors were telling a different story! They kept telling me to 'Tell the Truth!' All I felt was comfort and peace.

I had a doctor in attendance with me the whole time, who repeatedly asked me if there was any pain or if I was at all numb! I told the Doctor that the only numbness I had felt was from sitting on the trolley for two hours! Confused as to how this could be, he decided to question me about my medical history.

I listed everything. I began with my experience of cancer in 1961. You will remember I had been given only three months to live. The Lord wonderfully healed me! The hospital would only say that the cancer was 'in remission' until two years later. I had developed bad gallstone trouble. The gall overflowed and I had yellow jaundice. I had to have quite a lot of tests and x-rays for over a week. In the meantime, the Lord healed me once again of the gallstones and the jaundice disappeared. When I returned to the hospital, to the amazement of the doctors, they told me that through the test results, they found no trace of cancer in my body! But, my gall bladder was completely diseased and full of stones and they wanted to operate that very week. I knew, however, that God had healed me and I refused surgery!!

After hearing this, the Doctor couldn't believe I hadn't had an operation!

He said, 'What do you account for all this?'

I answered, 'I have a very good friend!'

'Male of female?' he asked.

I spelt out, 'J.E.S.U.S.'

The Doctor said, 'Ah! Jesus!'

A couple of hours later, they removed me from the resuscitation unit to a ward, still monitoring me through the night.

At eight o'clock in the morning, somebody came and took my E.C.G. From this point, I could hear my name mentioned in the corridor, but couldn't make out what all the fuss was about.

Another doctor who I had not seen before, came in and asked, 'Are you Sarah?' When I said yes, he shook my hand and went back out!!

I still felt good!

At eleven o'clock, a consultant came to see me. He was VERY excited! He held up the E.C.G. from that morning and said, 'Look at this! This is amazing!!' I said, 'I can't read it! What does it say?' He said, 'It says you have the heartbeat of a woman of thirty! It's amazing! Amazing!' 'Now look at this one', he said as he held up the E.C.G. from the night before. 'Totally abnormal!!' He pointed to another and said, 'Not enough heartbeats!…completely abnormal!! You were going to be in hospital for a little while, but I say you can go home this morning on the minimum of medication. Just one 75mg aspirin tablet per day!'

I just answered, 'He's done it again!'

And now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Saviour, Be Glory and Majesty, Dominion and Power, both now and forever, amen.' (Jude v24,25)

Florence Burnham

Florence Burnham

It is a privilege to be able to re-produce this testimony of Florence Burnham, which was first written in 1955. I came to know her in 1964 when I started attending the Assembly of God in Willmer Road, Birkenhead, when her husband was then the pastor of the church. She was born in 1908 and the story commences in 1912, two years before the outbreak of the First World War:

"At the age of four, my knowledge of the true home life, which had hardly begun, was suddenly ended. My mother was taken to hospital suffering from tuberculosis, from which she died, and my father, after placing me in a home, left England; I have never seen or heard of him since. Even at this very early age, when my young heart, no doubt, felt the sorrow of being bereft of the security of home and parents, I felt there was a power greater than the human. I had never been taught to pray, and knew nothing of Jesus, but in a strange simple way I felt there was something.

For four and-a-half years I was in this home, and during this time I developed tuberculosis, which was to be my dread companion for many years. At this time a very comfortably situated family decided to adopt me, and I left the home, but this was not to last long, for, when they discovered that I had T.B., and that my mother and two sisters had died of it, I was sent back. This was all in God's will, although I was very distressed at the time, but the people dabbled in Spiritism, and God did not want me to be mixed up in that. Shortly afterwards a Methodist family took me, and there I learnt about prayer, and of Jesus Christ. I was happier, but still unsaved, and as the dread disease was making rapid progress, I had to be sent to the sanatorium where it was found to be in my hand, foot, stomach and both lungs. This place became my home, but how I longed to be as other girls. Many lay around me, and many died, but I lived on, and it was often said by the nurses that this girl who had no one in the world to care for her lived, but others who had good parents and friends were taken.

The lady in the next bed to me was going out, and I asked her would she take me, and she said she would if I were up. The day came, and once more I was out in the world. I obtained some work, and all went well for a time, but only a very short time. Again I was ill, and the person I was staying with refused to have me in the house, and turned me out one night. I went to the doctor and asked him to send me back to the sanatorium, but he told me to go back to the house, and he would send me in the morning. I went back, but the woman refused to have me, just giving me a cup of tea, and so I went out to wander the streets all night. Very exhausted, I knocked at a door, and a lady had mercy on me and took me in. The next day I was taken into the hospital, and it was discovered that I had pneumonia due to the exposure. I lay there desperately ill, having oxygen. Again I was raised when there seemed little hope, and while convalescent at Scarborough heard a message - "God claims you" - and there, found Jesus as my own wonderful Saviour. Everything was changed, and from there I entered a Christian lady's home and shortly after was baptized in the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2: 4. I heard of Divine healing, accepted it, and thanked God for healing me; almost immediately I was struck down again with T.B., the lungs badly affected, and while in this dying condition I desired to be baptized in water, and against all advice was baptized by Henry E. J. Jessup, then pastor of East Kirby, now editor of " Redemption Tidings," who afterwards testified what a step of faith it was to immerse a dying girl in the midst of winter. I was taken worse and rushed to the sanatorium. While there, how I longed for someone who would love and care for me. On January 16th, 1933, I prayed that God might send someone; on this day as I prayed, a young man in Canada had decided to come to England for a holiday. When he arrived in England, he, being a Christian, heard a company of people praying for me, and he asked that he might go along with one of them to see me. That day I prayed to go out, and that the Lord would grant that those who came to see me would ask me to go out. For the Lord had said to me, "Get up and out, or else you will die." Like Gideon of old, I asked for that sign, and that they would come the next day at two o'clock. The next day this young man from Canada and another friend arrived at two o'clock, and my friend said to me, "When are you coming out? My mother says she will look after you." An absolute answer to my prayer. I said I would come out the next day. Announcing to the sister of the hospital that I was going out the next day she was amazed, and said " You know you will be a burden to those people, and it is doubtful if you will get there alive."

I was still having oxygen, but I would not be put off, and told the doctor the next morning. My clothes were given to me, and everyone was instructed not to give me any help; and so, forcing myself out of bed, and struggling most painfully to dress myself, but trusting God, and knowing that He had spoken to me, I took a long time, and how I did it I shall never be able to tell; then I dragged myself from bed to bed till I reached the dining-room where a girl who was dying said to me, "Don't leave me; what shall I do without you?" because I had led her to the Saviour. "You look as if you are dying yourself," she said; then for one brief moment I felt I was, but the door opened and there was my friend, and my body was then flooded with the resurrection life of Christ, and I stood upright feeling my lungs filled with health, and my whole body. The authorities of the hospital took no notice of any of this, and when my friends had come, they put me in a bath-chair, and I was wheeled to the gate feeling like a hypocrite, because I felt so marvellously well. Outside the gate as the bus came up I ran for it out of sheer joy of the glorious feeling of health; and from that day to this I have not had a recurrence of the awful malady. The Lord, too, had answered my prayer for someone to love and care for me, because that young man from Canada is now my husband.

Time and space will not allow to tell of the many joys and happenings of the following years, but one thing I knew that Jesus was, indeed, my Saviour, and that He had shed His Blood on the Cross of Calvary for me, and I learned to love and trust Him. Eight years after our marriage I developed severe heart trouble which kept me in bed for seven years, and during that time was in hospital for six months having oxygen, and my husband never knew the moment I should be taken in the many heart attacks. I was at home and had a nurse and doctor attending. When I felt well enough I had children's services in my bedroom, and led many to Christ who are steadfast believers today. Some said that they thought it was God's will for me to lie in bed, but I felt He had healed me before, and He would do it again. I expected Him to heal me right away when I had been taken ill, but He had a new lesson to teach me.

Being desperate one night I prayed that God would show me if He wanted me to spend the rest of my days as an invalid in bed or if He wanted me to be healed, and the I heard these words, the date being May 3rd, 1949: " I am the Resurrection and the Life; because I live ye shall live also." Then again the words came, "If the Spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead be in you, the same Spirit shall quicken your mortal body." And I said, "What am I doing here?" My heart was full, but I settled for sleep, and the next morning when the lady who came to clean the rooms arrived, I said to her little boy, "I am going to get up and take you for a walk." And so I did, it was not a struggle like the last time, but in no time I was dressed after rather a hunt to find clothes to fit me after six years, and in amazement the lady watched me go up and down the stairs. I knew the resurrection life of Christ was flooding my being, and each day I draw off Him, and each day He keeps me in His strength. That was six years ago, and I have not had a single day in bed ever since. I won't say that I have not had my battles, I have, but His promise is true, and the Spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead daily quickens my mortal body. This promise is for every sufferer, and if you know Christ as your Saviour He can and will do the same for your broken body. As I walk in Christ this body is free from the law of sin and death. Our bodies are a vehicle for God to dwell in, and through Him we are more than conquerors. Let go and let God, for He has promised us life more abundant. "He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed."

May he Lord bless this to some heart, and may you find that mighty Saviour who will heal your soul and then your body for His glory. Amen."

Many years later in the 1980's I came into contact with a lady who remembered Florence being pushed around Bromborough in a wheelchair during the 1940's, who was by this time herself in a wheelchair. If the story had finished there it would have been impressive enough, but in 1970 when she was about 62 years of age she went out to Africa with her husband as a missionary for 18 years, often living in primitive conditions, and frequently being afflicted with tropical diseases. She only came back to this country because of the ill health of her husband. She was a remarkable woman and was a blessing to a number of people during her final years in the Wirral. She died at the age of 91 years at the Bebington Christian Nursing Home in 1999.

Stan Winn

Stan Winn

On Wednesday 4th August 2010 at Clatterbridge Hospital, I was diagnosed as having a double hernia. Two years prior to that I had had an operation for a single hernia also at Clatterbridge Hospital. The specialist that I saw, who I found out was a Christian, confirmed what my doctor had told me that I had a hernia and that he would operate on it. After a short while I went to Clatterbridge Hospital and had the operation, which was a success and I was in and out on the same day. However, two years later I suspected that I had another hernia, which the doctor confirmed, and made arrangements for me to go again to see the same specialist who had operated on me previously. An appointment was made for me to have a pre operation examination. A month or so went by when I had a call from his secretary to tell me that he had a very long waiting list, and asked if I wouldn’t mind seeing somebody else from the same team, which I agreed to. I went along to see him and he said to me that not only did I have a hernia but had in fact a double hernia. I had never heard of this, so he told me that I not only had a hernia in the groin but also had a hernia of the umbilical cord. He told me not to worry as he would operate on it and that I would be okay. When I got home I prayed about it very much and I felt that if I was going to have an operation that it should be done by the man who had operated on me previously, since I knew him and also that he was a Christian and that he had done such a good job. I phoned his secretary and asked if it would be possible for him to operate on me again, and she said that she would arrange that and put me on his waiting list. By this time I was in fellowship with the New Brighton Baptist Church and I asked the pastor if he would come and lay hands on me in accordance with James Chapter 5, which makes it quite clear "is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up." So, as always I put the matter to the Lord and I asked my pastor, Phil, from New Brighton Church to come along and lay hands on me, which he did with one of the elders, Doug. So the pair of them came along and anointed me with oil in the name of Jesus and we left it at that in the hands of God. Later on I received a letter to advise me of the date of the operation on 12th October 2010, that they wanted me at the hospital at 7.00am and that it would be done at Arrowe Park Hospital. So I went along there, and about 9.30am I was called in by one of the nurses to be prepared for the operation and all the necessary tests that have to be done. When they were completed the anaesthetist came to see me and explained the procedure. He then asked the nurse who had seen me to give me an injection in the stomach. A few minutes later as the nurse was preparing to give me the injection, the specialist came in and welcomed me and said that he was ready to do the operation, and he asked me to get on to the bed so that he could examine me once more. After he had done this he asked me how I felt, so I told me that I felt fine, which I did. He then said to me that he was pleased to tell me that I had no signs whatsoever of a hernia, and I have to be honest and say that I was absolutely surprised. Well, what are we Christians like; we pray for things and then when God answers we are the most surprised people on Earth! So I asked him specifically about the umbilical cord, but he replied to me that it was fine, and said that if there was anything wrong with that, then I must have had it since my birth. So he told the nurse to take me to the rest room and give me some toast and marmalade and a cup of tea! He also asked the nurse to ring my daughter and tell her to pick me up, as I was fine. I was absolutely jubilant, it was tremendous, and so the nurse took me down to the rest room. Anyway as would be expected the nurses talk to each other, and a few minutes later somebody came in with the tray and said to me "what’s all this about, you don’t need an operation?" So needless to say I told her all about what had happened, and she said to me that it was really lovely. About 10 minutes afterwards another nurse came in and said the same thing and so I told her the same story. Then again another nurse came in and said to me "what’s all this I hear, about you being healed?" So I repeated the same story and she flung her arms in the air and shouted "hallelujah, hallelujah," and off she went. In the meantime there was a man sitting opposite me about 70+ years of age in the rest room who was in there for something to do with his eyesight and he looked really astonished by all that he heard so I went over to him and testified to him all that had happened. Well, since that day I have never looked back, I haven’t had the slightest sign of a hernia of any description.

Although, like most people we have our ups and downs in life, I cannot begin to tell you of the love, peace and joy that the Lord has brought into my life, and to that of my dear family, since I came to know Him as my Saviour. When Jesus was asked which was the first commandment, he replied, " Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength, " and secondly "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." (Mark 12: 30,31). If only all the people in the World would obey these two commandments, what a wonderful place it would be to live in.

With all my love, prayers and best wishes to you and your family.

To God be the glory!