Inspiring Testimonies

It has occurred to me over recent years that within Merseyside there are a number of wonderful testimonies of God's working in people's lives both in conversion, deliverance, healing and in some amazing supernatural encounters. To the best of my knowledge nobody has ever collected together testimonies in this way before, so for some time I have felt that the time has come for this to be done.

For the last 10 years or so I have been writing about some of the great things that God has done in Merseyside in the past and have so far produced three booklets which are shown elsewhere in this website. What I am doing now is collecting a number of testimonies from around Merseyside which as soon as I receive them will be added to this section of my website. There are a number of others in the pipeline and as soon as I receive them they will be added on. Eventually I hope to produce a booklet containing these in although as I'm receiving so many of them I fully expect that there will be more of one booklet possibly two or three.

Some of the testimonies shown in this section are from tracts or booklets that are already in circulation and others have been written especially for the website and booklet of testimonies. With regard to Jeminy and Sajini Mathew this came about from an interview that I gave them in February 2011 although this was also subsequently reproduced into a small booklet which is available for anybody who would like a copy.

I have to say that I have particularly enjoyed putting these testimonies together and would like to say that if anybody is aware of any other inspiring testimonies from within Merseyside I would be glad to include them also and if they so wish to print a separate leaflet or small booklet for them at no cost as I have done for some of the people whose testimonies are included in the website.