My booklets

Over the last 10 years or so I have been writing on a number of topics, but predominantly on the subject of God working in Merseyside and Chester. In 2011 I set up an organisation by the name of Merseyside Revival Trust and to date I have self-published 27 booklets which have recently been registered with the British Library, and a number of these with other libraries including Oxford and Cambridge Libraries. Twenty four of the booklets have been written by myself and a further three by other people. The following is a list of the booklets most of which can be found on my websites. For anybody interested in receiving any of the booklets please contact me, my details being shown on the Contact page

Local history, biographies & testimonies

A. God working in Merseyside & Chester

1. The Liverpool Revival 1934. (71 pages)
2. Revivals & other great events. (78 pages)
3. Some of the people who have impacted our region (70 pages)
4. Inspiring Testimonies (70 pages)
5. Surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses (42 pages)
6. History of St Paul's Red Mission (38 pages)

B. Biographies (Evangelists)

7. Reginald Radcliffe - The Liverpool Solicitor. (39 pages)
8. Richard Weaver - The City Missioner (43 pages)
9. John Hambleton - The Converted Actor. (31 pages)
10. William Lockhart of Birkenhead. (35 pages)
11. Marianne Pawson & the Chester Revival 1882. (21 pages)
12. John Wesley & the Methodist Revival in Merseyside & Chester (26 pages)

B. Biographies (Philanthropists)

13. Charles Thompson - Birkenhead’s Great Philanthropist. (35 pages)
14. Thomas Matheson of Bromborough. (8 pages)

C. Testimonies

15. Jeminy & Sajini Mathew (12 pages)
16. Stan Winn (12 pages)
17. Rose Cook (7 pages)
18 Peter McGrath (12 pages)
19. Peggy Maskrey (20 pages)
20. Bob Sergent (12 pages)
21. Harry Vaughan (28 pages)
22. A Vision fulfilled - the birth of The Wirral Christian Centre Trust. (48 pages)

Other booklets

23. Katie Booth, Anointed woman of God - Geoff Green (31 pages)
24. Redeeming the time - Geoff Green (23 pages)
25. Understanding the strategy of the enemy - Mike Dixon (23 pages)
26. Rend the Heavens - Rev. Geoffrey King. (12 pages) - reprinted booklet
27. The vision of the Rose Cottage (testimony) - Hanson Jones. (24 pages)

Testimony Jeanette Griffiths